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Expired Food Exposed

Do you take the time to check expiration dates on food items in the grocery store?  If not, you’re not alone.  I went undercover and found two grocery stores in two weeks in metro Atlanta that had several out of date food items on the shelves.  It’s obvious to me that some grocery store managers aren’t checking the dates.

I found out-of-date eggs, cheese and meat at The IGA Foods in Atlanta at 2746 Clairmont Road.  The store was cited by the state after inspectors found about 130 outdated food items in the store.

This week, I investigated a tip that an Ingles grocery store was selling expired food.  The store is located at 4815 Rockbridge Road in Stone Mountain.  My investigation found out-of-date milk, eggs, cereal, flour and yogurt.  Eggs were dated June 3, cereal was dated April 8 and flour was dated Dec. 2 of last year.

Outdated Food Items

I questioned both store managers and they had very little to say about it.  If you spot expired food out there, let me know so I can investigate.  In the meantime, start checking those expiration dates to keep you and your family safe.

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