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Illegal Tire Dumps

Illegal Tire Dump

Illegal Tire Dump

I’ve spent a lot of time lately working on a series of reports about the thousands of illegally dumped tires in metro Atlanta.  Old tires are creating a real eyesore around the city and I believe something needs to be done about it.  I’ve made it my mission to expose some of these dump sites in hopes that something will be done to eliminate the problem. 

In the process of working on these stories, I’ve learned that there are more than 4 million illegally dumped tires in the state and lawmakers stopped funding the clean up of these illegal dump sites about three years ago.  Even more troubling, you pay a $1 fee for every new tire you buy in the state and the money was initially designed to be used to clean up illegal tire dumps.  However, lawmakers used the money out of a general fund during the past two years to address our state’s budget deficit.  I’ve been asking lawmakers the tough questions about it since the $1 tire fee generates more than $6 million dollars a year that could be helping to clean up these eyesores.  State lawmakers told me they are planning on introducing legislation this year that would designate the tire fee funding to be used only for clean up purposes.

I can only hope that our state leaders will do the right thing to make our city a better place for people to live.  Atlanta’s a great city.  Let’s make it environmentally friendly and attractive to visitors!


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