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Proud Papa

My son Merritt was dressed for success even at one month

Life is good today!  My wife and I welcomed our first child into this world three months ago and I’ve been a proud papa ever since.  Our son Merritt Murphy was born on June 25, 2010 weighing 6 lbs 6 oz.  He’s put on a few p0unds since then and now he’s weighing in at about 13 lbs.  Having a child has been the greatest experience of my life.  If you’re a parent you know what I’m talking about. 

Merritt is now smiling, cooing and laughing which is so wonderful.   My wife and I are trying to cherish every moment because every one tells us how fast children grow up.  That said, I am looking forward to every stage of Merritt’s life and I hope to be the best parent in the world.  I can honestly say life is good today! 

Merritt Murphy enjoying life


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