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Live Via Skype

Adam Live Via Skype

Adam Live Via Skype

When all else fails, just Skype it!  It’s the beauty of technology these days, especially when it comes to breaking news. 

For years the television news industry has depended on microwave or satellite trucks to transmit live reports which is not 100% reliable.  Often times microwave signals aren’t attainable  and satellite trucks aren’t available.

I found myself in this exact predicament a few weeks ago.  We were on the scene of a fatal home invasion in DeKalb County where we were not able to establish a microwave signal and a satellite truck was not available.  Determined to get the breaking news on the air, I decided to get out my laptop and set up a Skype signal with our control room at the television station. 

As a result, we were the first news organization on air with the story which is most important.  I will admit Skype may not provide the best looking image, but it does give us another good option to broadcast important information to the public in a timely manner. 

So keep an eye out for my next Skype report on CBS Atlanta News!  It will allow me to report live from anywhere, anytime.


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