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My wife Angie dancing with 'Papa'

My wife Angie dancing with 'Papa'

There’s no doubt in my mind that you’re never too old to boogie!  My grandfather-n-law Luke Taylor just turned 96 years old and he celebrated his birthday on the dance floor.  It was a memorable moment for ‘Papa’ because I gathered with family and friends to surprise him on the Dance floor in Northeast Georgia. 

I must say he’s a really good dancer at the ripe old age of 96 and that’s no joke.  He goes out dancing every single weekend with friends.  In fact, I’m certain he has more energy than me.   I believe his love for dancing is why he’s in such good health.  ‘Papa’ is definitely an inspiration to those that think they’re too old to boogie.  The Northeast Georgian newspaper wrote an article about Luke ‘The Dancing Machine” Taylor last month and they were so moved by his story it became front page news!   


Happy Birthday ‘Papa’ and thanks for reminding us that we’re ‘Never Too Old To Boogie.’

Adam Murphy


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